Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Baseball Hats: Most Understated Statement Piece

Hello fellow interweb friends!

At first, I was not a baseball hat person whatsoever, but lately, in the past few months, I have fallen in love with them! I don't know what it is, but I think baseball hats is the most underrated accessorizing piece. For some reason, baseball hats are just something you can wear with almost everything, make yourself feel comfortable, and it is cute!

With spring and summer coming around the corner, there will be a whole lot of sunshine, and we are going to need some sun protection, besides the funky smelling sunscreen. Baseball hats are definitely a good form of sun protection and it also shades your eyes too, so it is definitely a very practical, win-win piece of clothing. Not only is it good for protecting yourself against the sun, it is also good for protecting yourself from judging eyes on those days where you didn't feel like putting your face on or may not be feeling your best. 

With baseball hats, it comes in all kinds of colors, so you can pretty much have something for every outfit, but I think the best ones are navy colored hats. Navy goes with everything, from neutral to bright colored outfits, and it is definitely a classic piece to have. If it wasn't a classic piece, then I'm sure Ralph Lauren wouldn't be coming out with a new navy hat each season with just a different color embroidery on it! Besides, what guy wouldn't think a girl in a baseball hat is awesome! It means she can stay class but still get down and dirty with the boys when spring break is here!

Until next time,
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