Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Grease Free is the Way to Be

Hello interweb friends!

Let's put it out there, I have super oily skin, so when I'm not careful, my face can turn into a huge grease ball and that ain't cute!

I think I have found a way to keep my face from looking like someone took oil and rubbed it all over. It may be a bit extreme, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, right? So to prevent my face from running around, I use primers, not one, but two as well as setting sprays and a setting powder. Now, you probably think that sounds like so much crap on my face, but it really isn't because I use very small amounts of it and I also don't use foundation, so there is actually not much going on my face. 

As crazy as it sounds, after I put on my moisturizer, I put on two layers of primers. The first one is Stila Stay-All-Day-Prime-Anti-Shine-Balm. The formula is a gel-like texture and can be used with or without make-up. You can use it as a primer as well as a setting gel to keep your face from getting greasy. For me, I like to use it as the first layer of primer before I apply my face make up. As for my lazy days, I like putting this on my face just to keep it from looking oily because my face gets crazy oils at times, and honestly, it ain't cute looking all shiny and stuff, make-up or no make-up. This product is super compact and perfect to carry around in your bag to do touch-ups whenever you need. It comes on clear, so you don't have to worry about looking like a cake face. 

After the Stila layer, I will put a lit bit of the Benefit's POREfessional just around my nose and t-zone since those are my trouble areas when it comes to grease. Not only does it help with keeping oils at bay, it also helps minimize pores and make my skin a little bit smoother, and since for me, my pores are more noticeable around those areas, I dab a little bit of this on just to make sure I look decent. Now, I only use this when I do a full-faced make up, and usually that means a little bit of concealer and set it with my Bare Minerals loose-powder matte foundation. This primer does have a little bit of tint, so it does help even out your skin tone just a little bit and it smells like melons, so i really like it. My skin must love it too because it hasn't really broken me out or purge my face either. 

And like I mentioned earlier, my make-up routine consists of just covering up my discoloration and what not with a little bit of concealer, so once I've put that one, I seal up my face with the Urban Decay's De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray. I quickly give me face a few sprays, let it dry, and that just seals in everything. I just feel extra secure and ready for the day once I've sealed my face with this, call me crazy lady, but I just gotta do it!

I probably sound like a freak now, but we all have that one skin problem that we want to correct to make sure we look presentable! For me, it is my oily skin. This may seem like I'm using a lot of products that can clog up my pores, which can be bad, but since i don't use a lot of it and I don't wear foundation, everything works out just fine. My skin hasn't reacted too badly to all this and I am able to go all day without having to touch up my make-up and no longer need to powder or dab my face to make sure all the grease is gone!

If any of you guys have the same problem and have any products to recommend, please leave it in the comments below! Like I said, I want to keep all oils at bay, so I love trying new things to fix that very problem.

Until next time,
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