Thursday, January 30, 2014

There Are No Rules!

Hello fellow interweb friends!

I don't know about you, but I think there are so many rules and policies when it comes to what we can and cannot wear, whether it be color combinations or certain colors at certain times of year. That, to me, is a bunch of donkey poo! I'm a huge advocate of wearing colors, for whatever time of year and in as many combinations as you want! 

True, there are certain occasions that are a little bit more restricted like a job interview where you want to look professional or any formal events where there's a prescribe set of attire, but it does not mean you can't add your personal touch to the outfit. It is important to maintain your touch of style, whether it be a statement necklace or a bright colored piece of clothing. For me, I'm always dressed very colorfully, sometimes to the point where my friends question what goes through my mind when I look at my closet, but to me, that's ok since it is my personal sense of style. My closet isn't filled with extravagant and intricate pieces, it is a lot of simple but colorful ones, so when I pair some of the things together, I don't think it looks totally and completely blinding, and that is why I love dressing the way I do. Even when I go to interviews, I may be dressed in neutral colors, but I'm not scared to wear a colorful bag or a statement necklace, just so I don't look so bland! There are so many restrictions when it comes to dressing professionally and for formal events that it makes it slightly boring to get all dressed up! 
Kate Spade
Another very confusing rule that I can never understand is the idea that we can't wear white after Labor Day...?!?!? I never understood why or how or where that rule came from, but I think it is slightly ridiculous, especially since Labor Day is still close enough in the summer when it is still hot out and white is a perfect color to wear to repel heat. I'm not sure if it is a certain shade of white or what, but still, I know for myself, I still wear white after Labor Day and it's not like I'm committing some sort of misdemeanor! It may be a bit extreme to say we can't wear a specific color after a certain holiday, especially if it's white since a lot of colors are white! That's like saying kids can't wear their white colored polo uniform shirts to school. 

For me, I believe you should wear whatever is fitting of your style and the occasion and don't be too restricted by all these rules and regulations set up by those fashion magazines or TV shows because frankly, it's your closet, so have fun and go to town with your clothes! The only thing I have to say though is like what I said in my post about accessorizing, just don't overdo it to the point where it looks like your closet vomited on you because at that point, it just looks like you're a hot mess and it ain't cute!

That's all for now and until next time,
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