Monday, January 27, 2014

Monogram Mania

Hello fellow interweb friends!

How are ya'll doing on this beautiful Monday?! I am definitely procrastinating and writing this instead of reading my book for class, but it is ok! I think it is very important to get this post done today since it is Monogram Monday! If you can't tell, I have quite the obsession with monograms. If it was up to me, I'd probably monogram everything in my sight just because I think it makes everything look that much better, giving it a little bit of sass and class. 

For me, monograms are almost like pearls. They are just a classic piece in your jewelry box that can class up any outfit but can still be worn casually. Here are just a few that I have and that I am totally and completely utterly in love with!
These two are off of Etsy from Vitabravo1's shop. I got an amazing deal on these two!
 These two monograms are perfect for everyday use, class up an outfit or casual it a little bit. The tortoise shell color with the gold chain makes it very versatile since you can use it with a dress or just jeans and a t-shirt. The bubble gum pink one is definitely a lot more casual than the other one, but it is super cute and sassy for those summer spring days that are coming up. Unless you are like me and living in Souther California where winter is just pretty much summer, the pink one can be used at any time! 
The bag is from Marley Lilly, unfortunately, it is no longer available on the site, but there are still a lot of other things that you can get on there!
Monogram from Baublebar, 16' chain, large pendant in gold. 
 This monogram, unlike the two that I got from Etsy is a lot better in quality, however, it is also a lot more expensive. I got it off of Baublebar, a jewelry shop based in New York that does an amazing job with all their pieces! They have a variety of jewelry designs that are very high in quality, great price range (especially if you get stuff from the Buried Bauble every Mondays and Fridays). The best part about this jewelry shop is that their pieces are very J.Crew inspired, giving it a classic look. The gold monogram that I got is definitely a little bit more formal than the acrylic ones, but I use it both for casual and business attire! In this photo, I paired it with my white Maison Jules pearl-collared button up top just to make sure I look poised, prepared, profession, but still keeping my style. 
Sorry I don't remember the exact Etsy shop that I got the hat from, but I know for sure it is from Etsy!
Now, the last piece that I will share with you is this awesome baseball hat that I got monogrammed! This is my go-to hat when I'm having a lazy day and don't want to fuss with my hair or make-up. I just put this little thing on and go on with my day, without a care in the world!

So pretty much, if ya'll can't tell by now, I love me some monogrammed stuff! It is personal and sassy and just wonderful and I believe everyone should have something monogrammed. It is super versatile and always a classic, well unless when you get married, then you'll have to update your monogram, but there's nothing wrong with that! 

That's all for now, but until next time,
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