Friday, January 17, 2014

Prioritize When You Accessorize!

Hello fellow interweb friends!

Like all y'all, I love me loads and loads of sparkly and pretty things, and especially for myself, the bigger the better! All that just sounded so convoluted, but I'm really just talking about jewelry and accessories. 

Lately, statement necklaces and jewelry pieces have been my obsession, and knowing me, I love everything to be over the top, big chunky pieces with very distinctive, vibrant colors. However, as much as I want to wear all my jewelry pieces, I think there should definitely be a limit to how much we throw on. As we want to believe more is more, when it comes to statement jewelry, more is not more! To me, the bigger the piece, the chunkier the piece, the more muted other parts of your outfit should be, and that's why I think we should prioritize when we accessorize!

Whenever we pick out an outfit, we want to show off specific pieces, and sometimes, we use our jewelry to accent those pieces. However, when you combine way too many pieces, then it just takes away from the specific piece of clothing or accessory that you want to bring attention to! Not only that, the more you put on, the gaudier you'll look, and that just ain't cute!
Dress: Maison Jules, Necklace: Christmas gift, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Purse: BP Nordstrom 
For me, I love big chunky extravagant pieces like this necklace. However, I want the focus to be on the necklace, therefore, I paired it with a more muted outfit like a faded chambray dress. It definitely keeps the focus on the necklace, but I still get to look cute and put-together with the entire outfit. 
Shirt & Pants: Maison Jules, Necklace: Baublebar, Belt &  Bracelet: J.Crew, Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Earrings: Forever 21, Shoes: Jessica Simpson 
As for this outfit, I was going to an interview but didn't want the professionalism take away from my sense of style, therefore, I decided to wear this white shirt with pearl detailing on the collar. My focus of this outfit was the shirt's collar since it can be considered an accessory to the outfit as well, so I decided to just pair it with my monogram necklace and very small pave/leather bracelet on my hand along with a simpler leather watch. I tied the whole outfit together with a gold braided belt. There is definitely a lot of gold detail in this outfit, however, it is not a gold overload, I don't feel like a leprechaun because kept it balanced and kept my focus on the shirt. 

In both of these outfits, I had a focus piece that I wanted to bring out. For the first one, I wanted to focus on the extravagantly wonderful necklace and for the second outfit, I wanted to show the details of my shirt. The second definitely had a lot more jewelry and decorating pieces than the first, but it doesn't feel like a gaudy overload, which I think is important. When there is just too much going on, not only will you get tired from wearing all the big pieces for long periods of time, it really hurts other people's eyes too!

So pretty much, whenever I get dressed, in my mind, I pick out a piece of jewelry or clothing item that I want to focus on and then I accessorize or dress around that. I like keeping things simple in what I wear but with a little kick. I'm definitely not afraid to wear big, chunky, gaudy accessories, but I prioritize the pieces I want to wear so that I don't look like some kind of horrifying closet vomited all over me and threw everything ridiculous together.

Now, if you, like myself, enjoy big chunky jewelry pieces that can knock people off their feet, you definitely should check out Baublebar! I'm totally in love and cannot get enough of their stuff! Maybe I'll share with you a little jewelry collection with you guys soon!

Hope you enjoyed!
Until next time,
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