Wednesday, May 8, 2013

All Time Favorite Nail Polishes

Hello fellow interweb friends!

How are you guys doing today?!?!?! So first, I'd like to apologize for being a little off track with my blogs lately. I've been super busy with school and finishing up some projects for my internship that I haven't really gotten a chance to post as much as I usually do. But I'm kind of back now, not completely, but for sure, will be posting more from now on!

So for this week, I thought, instead of sticking to Foodie Tues-dee, I thought I'd do something a little more spring/beauty related since the weather has been kind of nice lately. You guys probably already know, based on the title, I will be showing you some of my favorite nail polishes of all time and I think these will be perfect for spring and summer as well. 

For the first set of polishes, I decided to put Essie's "Haute as Hello," "Turquoise & Caicos," and "Case Study" together. "Haute as Hello" is a creamy, vibrant coral color; it may look pastel-like, but when you apply two coats on, it is kind of bright but just perfect. As for "Turqoise & Caicos," just like the first one, is a creamy, vibrant color leaning towards a minty green shade; this color gives you a refreshing, tropical feel, which makes it super perfect for spring and summer. And of course, "Case Study" is a more neutral color but still light enough to use in the spring and summer time; it looks like a cream coffee kind of color, which makes it nice as a base color for designs or as accenting. These three colors, to me, compliment each other very well. You can paint your nails with one color and accent it with another or use the 3 as a combo to do different designs. The "Case Study" kind of pulls together the other colors since it's a more neutral color if you want a more subtle look on your hands. If you want a little bit more of a vibrant look but not obnoxious, then "Haute as Hello" and "Turquois & Caicos" will be perfect since they are both a creamy but yet still slightly bright color.

This next set, a little bit more of my favorite that I constantly go back to, includes: "Beyond Cozy," "Butler Please," and "Chastity." So as you can already see, this trio that I decided to put together is a little more vibrant than the first one, which makes it perfect for me (save the best for last right!?!?!)! The first one, "Beyond Cozy" is from Essie's most recent holiday collection, but I personally use it all year long just because it is so beautiful! it's not necessarily silver or gold but a mix of both, so when you have it on and the light hits it, it looks like a mixed metal color. And then of course, "Butler Please" is the epitome of the perfect cobalt blue! When you put it on, it just looks amazing and goes with every outfit because the color is so versatile; the same goes for "Chastity." My most recent purchase is "Chastity" because I've been looking for the perfect baby/bubblegum-like pink for a very long time. Essie has a new one called "Boom Boom Room" that is very similar to "Chastity" but it's not the same. To me, "Chastity" is the right amount of brightness/lightness that makes it go with all seasons (that made more sense in my head but you know what I mean). I think what I wanted to say is that it's bubblegum pink but not obnoxious, which makes it super easy to use and beautiful and everything amazing!
Overall, Essie makes some amazing nail polishes that are super easy to apply and have great color pay off. Some of them, like "Chastity" and "Case Study," can go on without a top coat just because it shines all by itself. All in all, these 6 are my favorite and I use them all year round, even if it looks like it should only be used for spring and summer! 

That's it for now,
Until next time,
With love,
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