Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Urban Outfitters Did Me Dirty Again!

Hello fellow interweb friends!
I thought about this very hard and decided to do this as a separate post for you since I didn't want to overwhelm you with my super busy week. So as you can tell by the title, I did a little damage at Urban Outfitters this week. So on Thursday, my mom treated me to a little pampering day for my birthday and we went to get our nails done and then went and shopped a little bit. When we walked by Urban Outfitters, I saw huge signs saying "additional 50% off of all sale items," which is like the best phrase you can show me when I walk by because I am a weak link for a good deal when it comes to clothes. The sign definitely roped me in, and the next thing you know, my arms were filled with stuff to try on! I had so many hangers hanging from my arm that I got red marks andeven a little rash because I carried more than I can handle. 

So I got there, went through all the stuff, and picked up a few little goodies!   

Pretty much, all of these were $5 each, except for the blue and white tank/blouse, which was $10. I also got a white dress that I talked about in my previous post, Dress Obsession, and that dress was also only $10! I scored big time this past week since I spent like less than $50 for everything. The floral pants/leggings are super comfortable and I cannot wait to wear that on the plane on my way to Vietnam. As for the skirts, I just had to get them because they were only $5 each and it's the skater style, just how I like it. If you remember my previous Urban Haul, I bought 2 other skirts of the same style but just different colors, so I obviously have a little obsession with the style. It's the most flattering style for my body, so I just have to get it!

If you want, leave a comment below and I can do a post where I style these pieces and do a post about it!

Until next time,
With love,
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