Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up #3

Hello fellow interweb friends!

So if you haven't noticed by my posts, April is the month of birthdays for all those around me! My friend, Monique (aka MoMo or MoRo) just turned 21 not too long ago (WOOT WOOT)!!! Since it was on a Monday, I unfortunately couldn't celebrate much with her and our other friends, CC and Shannon - or as we'd like to call it, our "sisterhood of the pants that don't travel" - we decided to go to Taco Tuesday at El Torito! Within our little sisterhood, MoMo is the last one to turn 21 and since CC, Shannon, and I love margaritas and tacos, we thought it was a MUST to take MoMo out on the first Tuesday after her 21st birthday to enjoy the feeling of being carded for a margarita while scarfing down some economized, shrunken tacos! We pigged out on some good ol' tacos and margaritas and just talked about everything in the world since it's been a while since we've all got to hang out together. Especially now that MoMo is legally 21, she can now drink with us, which makes everything that much more fun since it's never fun for everyone else to drink except for some (and trust me, Shannon and I know the pain of not being able to drink while everyone else around does pretty darn well). Anyways, after we had our drinks and tacos, we busted out the cake and cupcakes! So Shannon did a little grocery shopping before meeting up and she went to Stater Bros. for the cupcakes and cake, and well, let me tell you, they tasted pretty darn good! When you think about cakes and cupcakes, you wouldn't think that chain grocery stores would have decently quality ones, but these ones were really nice. The cake was just the right amount of moistness and butteriness. I had the chocolate and got to try my friend's vanilla one and I thought the vanilla one tasted a little bit better but that's because the chocolate was a little too sweet for me, but still, for them being cupcakes from Stater Bros. and are much cheaper than something you'd get at a bakery, I thought the cupcakes were not bad at all!

Then, on Saturday night, I got to work/host a Girl Scout slumber party! The party started at around 11:30pm and lasted until the morning! Now, let me start by saying, wow, these girls are quite the party animals! When I first heard we were doing an overnight party for a bunch of 9-11 year olds, I thought it wouldn't be too bad and they might just knock out pretty early on in the night, well obviously that wasn't the case! Some of them made it a point to stay up all night and they did. In this picture, when I left around 4 in the morning, a bunch of them were still up, somewhat running around, but most were either watching movies or playing Guesstures. Even though the hours of the party was kind of odd, I had so much fun that night at work with the Girl Scout troops. At some point, I felt like I couldn't hang cause I just wanted to close my eyes and sleep but yet these girls are still wide awake! The best part was when I was at the door, these 4 girls did everything to keep me awake and entertained. They were showing me their gymnastic tricks and routines and then 2 broke out into song and started singing and rapping. I was cracking up so bad cause they were singing to Mackelmore's Thrift Shop and one got all up in my face during the rap part, which I thought was just too cute. And then there was also this younger girl, maybe around 5-6 years old and she was just the cutest little "love bug." She went up to all of us and gave us hugs and was just being way too cute. She was one of the ones that took a mini power nap and then was up and running again around 2AM. That night was just too much fun for me, making me appreciate my job even more just because sometimes, I feel like I'm just having fun with these kids and not even really working, which I know cannot be said for a lot of other jobs.

Ok, so pretty much I got home after work close to 5AM and at that point, I just couldn't sleep anymore, I'm not sure why, but I just couldn't. Sunday also happened to be Cinco de Mayo and my greatgrandmother's 7th week of passing. Usually, in my culture and religion, when people pass away, we always do a little prayer/commemerence for them every week until their 100th day of passing. The 7th week - the half way mark - is huge, therefore, we went to temple and had a little lunch there. After temple, we went home, changed, I tried going to sleep or taking a little nap but that didn't work, and then we went over to my aunt's house. Even though we say that it was a "Cinco de Mayo" party, but in actuality, it was to celebrate her birthday since hers was on May 2. So at the party, there was just a whole lot of food, beer, and loud people! If you've ever been to one of my family parties, you know we are crazy, especially after a few drinks. So anyways, since I didn't get to sleep much, I decided to eat to compensate for my lack of sleep, which I know makes no sense, but it did for me for some reason. I ate my little heart out cause there was just food everywhere I turned. And well, I had to have a few drinks too just cause they were there! At one point, I even hopped on the barbeque or as I'd like the say, the "bar-beee" and did a little grilling myself! I had so much fun despite the fact that I just wanted to knock out and take a huge snoozers!

That was pretty much my weekend and I think my body really hates me for it right now, hahaha! At the time, everything seemed like a good idea since I was having so much fun, but when school rolls around, that's when all your bad partying decisions creep on you. I am still trying to catch up on my sleep and hopefully not fall asleep during class for the rest of the week since I have tests coming up, but we shall see what comes of that!

Hope you enjoyed this,
Until next time,
With love,
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