Thursday, May 2, 2013

Foodie Tues-dee #3

Hello fellow interweb friends!

For this week's Foodie Tues-dee, I thought I'd tell you about my first experience at Wing Stop! Very simply put, I LOVE WING STOP! It is the first place that makes wings KRISPY AND SAUCY without being soggy! Don't get me wrong, all the other places like Buffalo Wild Wings serves some really good wings, but for some reason, Wing Stop wings are just better because they manage to keep the krispy and crunciness of the fried chicken even though it's drenched in the sauce. 

So for my first time, I decided to try out both a hot sauce and a not so hot one. I ordered the 6 piece meal and got 3 original hot wings and 3 garlic parmesan with a side order of fries. I went through those wings like no other cause, well I love anything fried and chicken related. Both were really good, the only thing I'd suggest them doing is make the garlic parmesan a little more flavorful cause I couldn't really tell there was much garlic or parmesan in the season, but regardless, it still tasted delicious! As for the original hot, it's not super hot, which is completely fine with me and of course also tasted great! The one thing that I found out was a really good mix is their original hot sauce mixed with a little ranch and drizzled or can be used as a dip for the fries! Since the fries do have somewhat of a sweet taste to it, adding the hot sauce to the ranch gave the fries an extra kick, a little more flavor. My friend who was also there with me since we went there for lunch decided to try my special fries sauce/dip and she loved it too!

All in all, I think my first time at Wing Stop is pretty darn amazing and I can definitely say that I will be going back very soon!

Until next time,
With love,
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