Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dress Obsession

 Hello fellow interweb friends!

First off, I'd like to apologize for being so lazy lately and haven't posted anything this whole week, but no worries, I already started on a whole bunch of new stuff and will be posting them all throughout this week to make it up to you, so I'm super excited. It will be all things beauty/make-up/skin care goody goody gumdrops, so much that you might even get tired of reading, but you can always come back to finish it too, so do not fret!

So based on the post's title, this one will be all about my all-time obsession with a certain dress style. I guess this style officially has a name now and it's called the "skater dress" style, where it mimics the cut and flow of ice-skater's outfits with the fitted top and flowing bottom half. I have always loved this style because I think it is such a classic and timeless fashion choice, not to mention super flattering. Before, it was a little harder to find this style just because it wasn't "in" yet, and when I did see some dresses of this particular cut, it would only be from expensive brands, and unfortunately, as a college student with a part-time job, I cannot afford super expensive dresses that can cost up to triple digit amounts! So pretty much, now that it's like the "in" trend, every store has this style of dress and most of the time, they are on super sale, so I had to kind of stock up for future uses! These three are my most recent additions and they all cost me less than $20 for each, which is like super duper amazingly fantabulous! I pretty much got three dresses for the price of one, even less than the price of one, actually! And if you don't know by now, I am quite the bargain queen, if I say so myself! I get this kind of high when I get things for really good deals, and if you haven't gotten a chance, you should check out this post and you will understand how obsessed I am with bargain shopping!
Now, onto the dress! This first one is a Bar III dress from Macy's! It is a skater dress, but the bottom does not flare out as much as the other one. The color is black with a white/cream striped detailing, and despite the fact that it's horizontal strips, I think it looks so pretty on! My mom actually got this for me as a little birthday present because she knows how in love I've been with this dress for the longest time. The first time I saw this dress was like maybe 2-3 months ago and I couldn't really afford it at the time since it costs like $70 before tax! Thank goodness my mom has amazing shopping skills and she used a few coupons and certificates and this dress ended up not being that much and now it is another beautiful piece in my closet! I can definitely see myself paring these with wedges, heels, pumps, and maybe even flats! This dress, from the style to the color, is super versatile to style and since it's mainly black, it is easy to pair up with jewelry too! I can dress it up or down, natural or light make up!

The next dress is from Urban Outfit from their brand Kimchi. This dress is half sleeved and with a rounded square neckline. It is very fitting and flattering and the bottom party flares out so nicely. Usually, Kimchi runs a little smaller on me, so I usually wear a size large in their tops, but this dress, I got it in a medium. The dress was marked down for $40, which I was ok buying since it was going to be an additional 50% out at the register, bringing it down to $20, but things got even better when I got out to the register because the actual discounted price before the addition 50% off is $20, so I scored and got it for only $10! So pretty much, this one will probably be more of a fall/night time dress for me because the material is thicker than the Bar III. The creme color definitely makes it super easy to style. When I wear it, I feel super fancy and very classy! The neckline of this dress for sure brings a little "umph" to the dress, especially since I am quite endowed! The square cut is perfect since it can nicely hide my bra straps because it is a huge pet peeve of mine when girls wear dresses or tops with their bra straps hanging out to the side! I don't know why I get so bugged by it, but I just am; I guess I like to look nice and clean and pretty?!?!

And last, but definitely not least, is my most favorite of the three, this Free People dress!!! It is like a crochet pattern and the color is a hot pink/fuchsia color. I love this for the spring and summer, day or night, with a pair of heels, a nice neutral statement necklace, and of course, some heels. So this one is the best fitting one of the three dresses because it is nice and stretchy underneath. This one was my birthday dress. The neckline is a scooped neck and so is the back, so it is just amount of cleavage, not too much decolletage hanging out! As my friends say, I like a little bit of conservation but also a tad bit of reveal, if you know what I mean. So this dress is another one of my bargain item. It's originally $130 and when I got it, with a few coupons, it came down to right around $20. The minute I saw it, I knew I wanted to get it despite the price. It was already in the sale section, so I knew it was already reduced, but to come out paying way less than what I need to, I am definitely a very happy girl. You will see this dress appear again in another post because this was also the one I wore on my birthday dinner.

I hope you will find the style of dress that flatters you most! I know after I found the style that fits me most, I feel so much more confident any where I go just because in the back of my mind, I feel and know that I look good!

And also, for awesome jewelry, please go check out Baublebar! I will leave you with the link and an invitation code if you are interested in buying some super pretty jewelry. And on Monday's and Fridays, they have something called the Premium Buried Bauble and those are discounted pieces that are usually $30-40!

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