Sunday, April 21, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up: "Giddy Hard" Life

Hello fellow interweb friends!

To wrap up this week, I wanted to share with you what I thought was the most exciting part of my week since things like school and internship aren't always the most entertaining. Being a girl, I am a huge shopper at heart, but to make things even worse, I am a huge bargain shopper! I definitely do have a shopping problem, I already know this, but I try to justify it by only buying things that are on super duper sale with great deals, hence this blog post! I definitely know that I am a shopaholic because I am one of those people who gets something, even as little as a ring or a pair of earrings, every time I go shopping. My mother thinks that it's a blessing and a curse since every time I go into a shop, I always find something and it's always, for some odd reason, on sale, therefore, I end up buying it, which is the curse part. To me though, I honestly don't mind! Haha! The more I buy, the more likely I will clean out my closet and be able to donate my clothes to other people who need it more. 

So go to into detail about the amazing deals that I got this week, I will start with these two jewelry boxes. The floral on has deeper slots, so I think it'll be really good for things like necklaces since I have a lot of big, chunk ones, so it'll require more room. I only took a picture of one, but in reality, I actually bought 2...I mean I couldn't help it since it was only $2 when they're usually $30-$40 per box! Same goes with the coppery, swirly detailed jewelry box. The only difference about this one is that it is more shallow, so it will be perfect for things like earrings, rings, and my very few bracelets. My mental plan is to set the two floral boxes on the outside on my little stand with the goldish/copper box in the middle (I will update you guys once I settle these into their places). Anyways, as you know from my previous post, I think earrings are super important to pull together an outfit, especially stud earrings, so I have a lot of those laying out and about. With this box, hopefully I will be more organized with my earrings and won't lose anymore! I get so sad whenever I lose one earring in a pair, but I guess that pushes me to live a little on the edge and try to wear mismatched earrings?!?! Hahaha, well the chances of that is very slim, but if I ever do wear mismatched earrings, I will definitely blog about that for you guys!

On top of the jewelry boxes, I got more jewelry holding stuff! This next one is more like a stand with little plates. It will definitely be used for my earrings that I wear often just so I can easily reach for it. Once again, this little trinket, instead of being $20-something dollars, I got it for $2! Like, how can you say no to a jewelry holder when it is less than $5?!?!!? I have a strong feeling I might have this little stand in the bathroom as a holder for my earrings when I take them off for a shower or something like that. For me, on days when I have to rush out of the house for school/work/internship, I quickly grab whatever earrings I leave around in the bathroom after I wash my face and brush my teeth and all that good hygiene jazz. With that said, this little stand is perfect for the bathroom, especially since some of the decor in my bathroom has florally/swirly designs on it too!

Now comes the room/home decor! Do you guys see this pretty little daisy tree...?!?! Well, let me tell you! This beautiful creature was also only $1.99!!! When prices are this amazing on things that are so flipping cute and wonderful and useful, we all definitely need to have time to shop! So this daisy tree, though I will mainly use it as a decoration, can also be used as a jewelry holder since the petals are bendable so you an adjust it to the angle you want it at in order to hold some things. There is even  little tray at the bottom to store loose change or, in my case, more earring pieces. Because of this little haul, I am now so excited excited to kind of redecorate my room. I am loving that all these little trinkets and gadgets are all of different style, making my room having a little more character. Of course, all the florally things give it a little girl touch, but the gold box and the gold detailing on the daisy tree will add a little baroque feel to it all. 

Last, but not least, knowing me, how can I not purchases any clothes, especially when deals are just so amazing?!?!? With that being said, as I pictured below, I walked out of Urban Outfitters with all the home goods as well as these two adorably wonderful skirts! They are what are called "skater" skirts right now, I think, not sure on the style name. Pretty much what that is is the skirt is fitted at the top and then fans out at the bottom, giving it a nice loosey flow. The grey/black print is made up of a cotton-stretchy material and is super duper comfy. The minty green colored with floral lacing is a little more dressy, but it still has a wonderful flow at the bottom. I cannot wait to wear both of these skirts soon! I was super tempted to wear the black and grey one out of the store the minute I bought it, but I didn't cause I thought I'd save them for a special night out or something or another!

I got some other little trinkets as well but decided not to post them since I think this is already an instahaul overload! I will definitely include a little picture of the other little items that I purchased from this amazing sale at Urban. It is nothing much, just a funky-drunky flask and some nail polish that I, for some ungodly reason, had to have! I mean, the flask was just yelling out my name and I've always wanted to get a flask, so I thought why not?!?!?! I do plan on using it for all of its alcoholic uses, but no worries guys, I will try to use it responsibly! And as for the nail polish, just the fact that it was $0.99 and it is super glittery and sparkly definitely made it become a must-have item in my book!

As you guys can tell, I obviously know I have a huge shopping problem, especially when it comes to things that are on sale. All I can say for myself is, this girl cannot deny herself of a good deal! I hate it when I leave a store or the mall and completely regretting it that I didn't get anything when I had the chance to, and when I return to buy the very same item, it is all out! I haven't come up with some sort of catchy saying for that philosophy yet, however, I do believe we must life with a "giddy hard" state of mind! If you guys wanna know what the "giddy hard" lifestyle is, just let me know and I will definitely explain, if not, well you're missing out, just as Elizabeth Baker (aka Lizzle) and she'll tell you how amazing living the giddy hard lifestyle is!

Until next time,
With love,

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