Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Things I Cannot Live Without

Hello fellow interweb friends!

So I thought I'd start a thread about different things that I completely love and can pretty much not live without! This is going to be a wide range of things that I've been introduced to and fell in love with and I think it is only best to share things I love! It can be from random apps, school supplies, beauty products, skin care shizz nizz, etc. 

For my first "Things I Cannot Live Without", I would like to share to you guys this magical bottle of lotion that I purchased from Bath and Body Works that I pretty much use everyday. As you can  see, it is the Sensual Amber scent from their Signature Collection. I decided to take a picture of this bottle of lotion in this very sad and empty condition just to show you guys how much I really use it and how horribly in love with it that I have to tip it over to fully use up every little once that is in this bottle (sadly, I realized I can't literally use every drop or else I would). 

The scent, to me, is super therapeutic. It is definitely a very feminine yet kind of musky smell. It is not super strong or florally even though there's a small hint of flower in it. I can't describe it very well, so I thought I'd just look up Bath and Body Works' description of their product! 

Based on the scent descriptions from Bath and Body, Sensual Amber is a mix of: vanilla, creamy sandalwood, patchouli, a little bit musky. Mixed in with all the spice-like aromas, there's a hint of: white roses, orange flower, lotus, iris, bergamot, wild berries, and succulent plum.

Since I am using it as a lotion, I thought I'd also talk about some of the ingredients that is in it. So the main purpose of lotions is to keep our skin moisturize, which this lotion does very well, same goes for the majority of the Bath and Body Works products. The main ingredients in this, like all other lotions, are: shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. Here are the functions/uses of these ingredients:
  1. Shea butter: helps restore skin elasticity, reduce scarring, helps eliminate dry spots, relieves symptoms for rosacia, eczema, and psoriasis.
  2. Jojoba oil: prevents clogging in hair follicles, helps with acne, psoriasis, sunburn, and chapped skin.
  3. Vitamin E: treat scars, acne, and wrinkles by speeding up cell regeneration, retain natural skin moisture, freshens up dry skin to make your skin look less dull and discolored.
Hopefully, you guys will give this scent a try! It is wonderful after a nice bath, maybe even before bed since the earthy-spicey scents are usually very therapeutic and warm, perfect sensations to have as you dry to fall asleep. Not only that, the smell is so amazing that it will make all your clothes smell wonderful as well as your bed sheets!

Until next time,
With love, 
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