Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday's Wardrobe

Good day fellow interweb friends!

Today was not a very exciting day for me. I just had school, hung out and caught up with my good friend, Taleen. But I thought I can start a second weekly series and it is called "Wednesday's Wardrobe" where I will be showing you my outfit of the day and what accessories/shoes I will style my clothes with! So below is a picture of the individual items of what I wore today. I wasn't sure about posting a picture of myself with everything on since by the time I thought of taking a picture of myself with everything on, it was already way late in the day and I looked like a jumbled up mess with baby hair flying everywhere!

As you can tell, my style is pretty girly and colorful. I love colorblocking, hence the hot pink pants and white peplum top. I like very simple jewelry. Usually, I don't where this many items all at once, but since I was meeting up with some friends, I thought I'd try to look nice. My favorite must have items for everyday uses are: my watches and earrings. To me, earrings completely pull together a look. It ties your outfit together with your hair even if you are just having a messy hair day with a topknot bun. As for shoes, for school, I prefer wearing flats. Flats come in all different colors and styles, and since I tend to wear blocks of colors, it is usually pretty easy for me to pair it with some flats. Today, I decided to wear flats with a little bit of a leopard pattern just to "live on the edge" for a bit; the spikes probably helped with that edginess I tried to pretend to have! 

So here's a list of what I worse and where I got them:
  1. Peplum top: The Limited
  2. Pink Jeans: J.Crew Toothpick
  3. Chain bracelet: J.Crew
  4. Watch: Marc Jacobs
  5. Earrings: Nordstrom
  6. Flats: Steve Madden

Thanks for checking back today,
With love,
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