Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy National Elizabeth Baker Day!

Hello fellow interweb friends!

DISCLAIMER!!!: This is a longer blog because I want to dedicate it to my best friend and sister, Elizabeth Baker for her birthday. She is one of the most important people in my life and I thought I'd let you guys enjoy the amazing friendship/relationship that we've built together as we grow together. This is not the bestest story you can ever read since there's not much "character development" or "storyline," but to me, our story is still developing and so are we, so this will be a story that never ends!

I would like to tell you a little story about my very special whose birthday is today!

Once upon a time, more like 8 years ago, there were two little awkward high school freshmen girls named Winnie-Win and Lizzle. They had most of their classes together and they managed to be one of the few that took English at 7 in the morning (instead of 8 like other school children). This English class was supposedly taught by a very strict and harsh English teacher, however, as the girls looked back,they thought she was actually very nice and isn't bad at all! So anyways, freshmen year progresses, they were assigned a project to do together, and that was the first time they actually got to talk to each other and become friends!

As high school goes on, they got closer and closer, pretty much inseparable. Winnie-Win and Lizzle got through all the late nights and stressful early mornings (since they never learned their lesson freshmen year and continued to take zero period classes all four years of high school). They even managed to get through multiple sessions of summer school as well as a whole summer volunteering at the Discovery Science Center. It was during the summer they volunteered that Winnie-Win and Lizzle realized how close of friends they have become, all thanks to a little boy named Kyle telling them that they are like systems, despite the fact that the two girls are completely different in looks! Anyways, to Winnie-Win, Lizzle is the first and only best friend that she's had since her childhood friend had moved out of state after graduating from the sixth grade. To hear that their friendship is more like a sisterly relationship, Winnie-Win was pretty stoked!

Senior year comes, high school is about to end and Lizzle and Winnie-Win will soon be separated because they must grow up and go to college. Though the thought of going to different schools completely saddens them, they enjoyed every bit of summer they had together. The best parts of their summer were when the two girls acted super rebellious and decided to go use different hotels' swimming pools for fun! They lounged around, while Winnie-Win was getting tanned, Lizzle was burning up like a lobster, but still, with a few reminders to put on some more sunscreen and use ones with higher SPF, the girls managed to last for hours at these sun-stricken pools!

Summer comes to an end, girls go off to their separate colleges, but whenever they meet up,it is as if they were still in high school and no time has passed at all. They enjoyed their quaint but exciting food adventures and of course more days at the pools while they burn together!

Four years have passed, and Lizzle is about to graduate from college. Winnie-Win cannot be proud and excited enough for Lizzle. Today, April 19, is Lizzle's birthday! Sadly, Winnie-Win cannot be there to celebrate the actual day of her best friend's/sister's/(every other thing that is amazing and great) birthday, but for sure, the girls will be making up for it the next time they meet up!

So pretty much, that brings us to present day-real life! After 8 years, those two freshmen girls are still pretty darn awkward but super proud of it! But hey, my philosophy is great friendship are built on the two being able to be super weird and awkward around each other.

Back to the more important part of this, I am so excited to be able to tell this amazing story about how I met one of the most important people of my life. Lizzle, or as I'd like to sometimes call her, Elizabeth Donna Baker, I wish y have the most amazing day/year with only better and brighter days and years to come. I feel like we're an old couple who is going to grow old and grey together as we watch each others' teeth fall out! But it is ok because as you know,I will always have toothbrushes in my bags so we can protect our teeth and hopefully keep them in for a little longer! I love you my Lizzle and I cannot wait to celebrate with you!

Until next time,
With love,

(story to be continued...with all the celebratory events!)

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