Thursday, May 2, 2013

Weekly Wrap-Up #2

Hello fellow interweb friends!

Hey guys, sorry for the super duper late Weekly Wrap-Up, but nonetheless, here it is! So this will be a wrap up of everything fun that's happened since I posted up the last Weekly Wrap-Up, which means it's like 2 weeks of my life - hoping it will seem as wonderful and fun to you guys as it was for me! I won't be writing anything about all the tests that I had to take, causing me to take a hiatus from my blog since it was super depressing and sad, but now onto the fun parts!

To start this off, we'll start with Saturday, April 20 (holy smokes and now we're already in May...I'm a horrible blogger at this point)! So that Saturday, my beloved sister/best friend, Elizabeth Baker, went out to dinner/dessert/late birthday celebration at BJ's in Brea. If you guys don't know who this is, check out this cheeky little most HERE! So to summarize, since we couldn't get together for her actual birthday, we decided to go out on Saturday for a little snacking, but that turned into a full on meal and dessert before we even knew it! Originally, Liz said she wasn't going to eat much since her mom made something for their family that night, however, the minute the two of us our together and food is involved, we kind of just go out of control! As for what we got, unfortunately, since I just got off of work before we went, the minute our foods got out, I kind of just devoured it before even thinking of taking a picture of it for blogging purposes (again, I'm still a horrible new blogger right now but will improve with time). Thank goodness I got my act together and got a picture of the birthday girl with our dessert! So as you can tell, we got the trio bizookie platter and my oh my, it is heaven on earth on a silver plate! Since we both have the biggest sweet tooth(s)/teeth in the world, we decided to go with the triple fudge, cookies and cream, and white chocolate macadamia flavors. O dear, let me tell you, the minute that thing came out, we went straight for our forks and digged in! Thank goodness I had some kind of self control and got out Liz's phone (since my phone was being a jerk and wouldn't take a picture) and took a picture of her and all the heavenly goodness before we devoured everything!

Then during the week at school, 2 big events were going on. The first one was Alcohol Awareness Week and the second one was Gamma Phi Beta's annual video game tournament and philanthropy Crescent Classic. Now, Crescent Classic week has always been super fun for me since I started college; before, I was a little more involved in it but now I'm just supporting in other ways! The philanthropy event is to raise money to help empower young girls, help underprivileged kids, as well as provide support for families dealing with cancer. The ladies of Gamma Phi Beta are amazing when it comes to their philanthropies and it is just such a lively week at school that I couldn't help myself and so decided to purchase a hot pink snapback hat as a way of supporting the cause! Throughout the week, they had fundraisers at Cold Stone, Blaze Pizza, and of course, selling apparels to fund raise for the various organizations. If you are at a campus where there's a Gamma Phi Beta chapter, do check out their Crescent Classic week; though they don't all donate to the same organizations on a local level and may not have the same events/tournaments, the ladies of Gamma Phi across the country's main purpose in their philanthropy is to help empower young girls and women as well as provide support for families who need it. There's no harm in getting to know more about various philanthropy events because it is never too late to help anyone out!

And then of course there was the day when I went to the hospital...this one was not super great but still worthy of a blog post mention! So about 3 weeks ago, maybe a little less, I started to have ridiculously excruciating back pain to the point where I couldn't stand up or sit straight; it was so bad that I couldn't work at all and had to go to the doctor. When I got to the doctor, he did a little back check and told me I have some form of scoliosis and wanted me to get x-rays just to be sure. Well, as you can tell, I went to the hospital to get those x-rays done (results are still not back yet...sad). Now let me tell you, that was the first time that I've been into the hospital, not to mention alone at 8 in the morning! So I checked in and all that good stuff and then I was handed a gown by the technician and he told me to take off all my clothes and just put the gown on. Being a girl and being the first time, I was kind of taken back when he told me to just take off my clothes! Besides gym and at home, I've never been literally naked before, especially not for some random guy! Hahaha, I understand it's part of his job but still, it was way too early to hear that I had to take off my clothes, especially when all I had to keep cover was this gown that is like ten sizes too big for me! So that gown, not the most attractive thing in the world either! With that said, I'd also like to add, to make your hospital look a little less horrible, always wear a nice pair of flats to balance out the ridiculousness of the hospital gown! So that morning lasted about 3 hours and it was the most awkward 3 hours of my life because not only was I naked, I was standing up against a wall as he ran this machine down my spine and adjusting my hip area just to make sure my tailbone area was in range with the x-ray machine. Pretty much, hospitals aren't fun, super awkward, horribly dressed, so just make sure to be prepared and wear some good shoes to off-balance everything else that's not as great.

However, later that week, things got much better! So on Sunday, despite the fact that I'm kind of super poor right now, I did a little retail therapy! As you may all know, I love me a good sale, especially when it comes to good quality clothes that I know I will wear for a while! Even though these two are only t-shirts, the material they're made of is just amazing and well the patterns just made it that much more wonderful! The first shirt is the Madewell shirt that I've taken a little picture on the side here. It was already on sale and when I got to the counter, I got an extra 25% off with my student discount, which was another 15% so it ended up being really good! The detailing/pattern is what really got me. It's got a semi tropical-like with a little bit of feathers on it and the neckline is a mix between a v-neck and a scoop. Since I'm a big chested girl, I was a little hesitant about the neckline, but after trying it on, I thought it was just perfect! And on top of the perfect neckline and pattern, the cut/fit of the shirt is wonderful and super flattering! It's one of those t-shirts that is a little flowy at the bottom and comes in around your waistline to give you a small-looking waist.

And then of course I had to stop by J.Crew, the more sophisticated version of Madewell since they are of the same company. So if you all have been into J.Crew then you know how expensive their things are but also how wonderful their sales are! So this shirt I pictured was on sale and then I got another 25% off on top of the sale price! Usually, it's an additional 30% but hey, any kind of discount on top of a discount is amazing to me and I kind of fell in love with the shirt even though it's only a simple t-shirt. So pretty much, as you can tell, the shirt is your traditional t-shirt with a round neckline and some printing on it, but look at the pattern and the color of the pattern! The minute I saw the shirt, I knew exactly how I wanted to style it and it is just one of those classic clothing item that you can pair with anything and just look amazing in. Besides the shirt, I also got a small little wrap bracelet with sparkling, shiny details to it! When I picked up the shirt and bracelet, I knew that I wanted to wear the two together with a cute pair of denim shorts, maybe with the cuffs rolled up. It is just a perfect spring/summer item just because it looks fresh, vibrant, and amazing! The bracelet adds a little bit of a girliness with an edge since it's pink and rhinestones wrapped around a leather band!

So if you can't tell, shopping makes me really happy and so does eating since those were the most exciting thing about my week that you missed out on!

More to come soon,
Until next time,
With love,

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