Monday, July 22, 2013

Airplane Faux-Facial

Hello fellow interweb friends!

As you all may know or have already experience, being on a plane can really irritate your skin. On top of that, being on a plane is not the most comfortable thing, so I thought maybe I'd share with you a little bit of what I do when I'm on the plane!

Based on my previous posts, you already know that I went to Vietnam. The flight there, with layover and all,was about 18-20 hours long, depending on whether or not there are delays. To keep my skin from being dried out and my body from feeling groddy, I brought along some essentials, here's a look into it, so hope you guys enjoy!

Before I do anything to my skin, I have to make sure it is clean first, so I use Simple's facial wipes. The Simple wipes are very easy on the skin, not too much perfume or anything that other wipes have, so I love it. Then, to combat my irritation of dried out skin and lips, my go-to product is the Caudalie Beauty Elixir and my Origins GinZing moisturizer. Even though my skin is naturally oily skin, it still becomes very dried out on the plane, so first, I'd spray my face with the elixir and then apply a little bit of the moisturizer. The elixir gives off a spa-like aroma and the citrusy feel of the moisturizer just makes you feel super relaxed! The Caudalie Beauty Elixir smell may take a little while to adapt to, but once you're used to it, you'll fall in love! 

Once I've sprayed the elixir and put some moisturizer on my skin, I smacked on my Dior's Creme de Rose lip balm since my lips are easily dried up. As you all know, I love my Creme de Rose and it smells amazing, so I glooped on a whole bunch and just leave it there as I watch movies or listen to music during the ever so long flight.

Besides the things to keep my face from feeling icky, I also make sure I have some Tylenol with me. I have a lot of back and brain give me the most problem, so I always need some kind of pain killer. Tylenol is just my preferred medicine just because it's what I had at home, but you can pretty much use anything that you want. It's always nice to carry a little bit of it around with you to make sure you have some medicine when you need it. 

That's my little tips and tricks for plane rides,if you have any other ones, please do share!

Until next time,
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