Sunday, July 7, 2013

Vietnam Weekend 3: Part 1

Hello fellow interweb friends!

I cannot believe I've already been here for 3 weeks! This means I will be leaving in about 10 days!!! Even though I am looking forward to go home to my friends and family in the states, I will definitely miss my family in Vietnam very much. The leaving part is always so hard just because we've gotten so close and spent so much time with each other. My cousins and I may have not seen each other in four years, but it felt like no time's passed and we still have so much fun with each other, even though they all have their own families and babies to take care of. This weekend was definitely one for the books! We spent an entire day hot-spring and mud bathing and then another day going into the mountains to go river rafting and then playing with a nature-made slip-and-slide. The past two days were filled with so many good memories, so much laughter, and ton of love.

Here are just a few pictures from Saturday at the I-Resort Hot Springs and Mud Bath! 

I apologize for my flabbiness!

Keep an eye out for the next blog,
More pictures to come soon!
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