Thursday, July 4, 2013

Vietnam Motherland: I-Resort

Hello fellow interweb friends!

Last weekend, my cousins took my brother and I to a neat little bathing place called I-Resort. It has mud baths and hot spring bathes and waterfall massages and all kinds of goody-goody gumdrops provided by nature! We, sadly, did not do the mud bath, but we had so much fun in the hot springs and waterfall things! It was so nice and relaxing there that my cousins and I didn't want to leave! We were chillin in the hot pool, and at some point, I think I may have taken a little cat nap...hahaha, but anyways, here are a few pictures from that day! My entire family will be going there again this weekend, which means I get to show you more stuff next time!


The "waiting" area.

View from my little sun bed that had an amazing cushion.

O, just the girls!

Don't mind the bad angle!

My cousin and I got kind of hungry...

They told me to fertilize the plants!

Just relaxing, waiting for the guys to get the bikes ready.

I swear, I didn't pee in my pants guys! Hahaha!
I cannot wait to go back this weekend! I will hopefully, be able to post the vlog from this day up today, so you guys can see the live version of the I-Resort and the weird things that I did. 

That's all for now,
See you soon,
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