Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Back-to-School Look #1: Comfy Casual

Hello fellow interweb friends!

As you all may already know, I've been working on putting a look-book together for the sake of back-to-school season. I'm a lazy dresser and I dress more for comfort, so I use as little pieces and as light of pieces as possible whenever I get dress. The thing about back-to-school season in southern California is the weather is still pretty warm outside, can possibly go up to the hundreds, which means if you're not dress for comfort and the heat, you are going to be miserable for eight hours straight or however long you are in school for. Here are some of my outfit ideas for you guys, and I think my style is pretty straight forward and simple, so you can wear the similar styles whether you are in high school or college or even if you want some ideas for everyday kind of thing. 

So, for this look-book schizznizz, I thought I'd post a look a day kind of thing instead of bombarding you guys with like 47895810973492 different looks at once, not that my closet will allow me to do that many combinations! Below is look number 1, consisting of a white tank top from H&M, a light almost brownish/nudish jacket from Bar III at Macy's, a floral embroidered/textured skirt from Urban Outfitters, and some sandals with gold details from Vince Camuto. To finish off the look without making it look too much and keeping it as casual as possible, I layered it with a "Love" necklace I got at Tilly's with a rose pendant necklace that I got at Forever 21 about a year ago. 

This look is perfect for any day of the week, both spring, summer, and even a little bit of fall. It is somewhat girly, surprise surprise, I can be girly as well, but still not too girly to the point where you feel like you want to vomit pink!

Hope you guys enjoy this look! I will post up another one soon, but for now, have fun playing dress up. Just remember, be cute, be fabulous, but most importantly, be comfortable!

Until next time,
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