Thursday, August 1, 2013

New Obessession!

Hello fellow interweb friends!

I feel like we all experience a lost of appreciation for reading books. This usually starts right around high school when we get assigned books to read for homework. I know for me, school work became such a hassle that I started to lose interest in reading books for fun, instead, I'd read gossip magazines and online sites like Perez Hilton. However, now though, I think I've found a solution to this so I can enjoy "reading" again!

I've been obsessed with Audible! It's pretty much audio books so you can listen/read on the go or whenever you want. I recently started reading/listening "Delirium" by Lauren Oliver and I seriously cannot stop! The last time I enjoyed books this much was about a year ago when I was reading Fifty Shades trilogy, haha! But yes, I listened/read "Delirium" for a straight 3 hours and could not stop! It is so different listening to the books; it feels a lot more lively and I feel like the reader does a really good job at expressing the author's tone for the characters. 

Anyways, now, I'm kind of excited to continue my subscription, which is $14.95 a month. I get to listen to one book a month, which is a little pricey, but if you think about it, an audio book is quite expensive already. Besides, Audible has so many titles on their site, from classics to contemporary modern books, so I think, for me, it'll be worth the money, especially since my drive to school is around half an hour, which is a good chunk of time to listen to a chapter or two. 

Anyways, hope you guys check it out!

Until next time,
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