Monday, August 26, 2013

Musical Monday #2

Hello fellow interweb friends!

It is a new week, and you know what that means! It is time for a new song that can put a pep in your step, a kick to your week, all the goody-goody gumdrops that can make your day that much better!

For this week's Musical Monday, I chose "Brave" by Sara Bareilles. My friend showed me this song last week and after having one good listen to it, I became addicted and thought it is the perfect song for Musical Mondays! It is so encouraging and self-empowering, which are both very important attitudes that we should all have, especially on Mondays when we all feel like the world is against us. Here's the video and I hope you enjoy the song as much as I am!

She is already an amazing singer and I completely and utterly love her, but this song is just super duper fantabuluperly amazing! When I saw the video, I just started dancing around like a crazy lady. If you want to join my crazy dance party, please feel free to do so, after all, "I want to see you be brave!"

Until next time,
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