Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Foodie Tues-dee #5

Hello fellow interweb friends!

It is that time of week again where I share with you guys my food adventures! For this week, I want to share with you an old favorite, but definitely a good one. 

Brodard Restaurant is a little place that serves delicious Vietnamese food and it has always been one of my favorite places to eat. Their infamous pork rolls are just amazing, especially paired with the shrimp paste sauce. My friends who I've taken here and exposed them to these rolls all love them, which pretty much means that they are way too flippen amazing! Then today, I tried this noodle dish with grilled shrimp, pork, chicken with a side of "Asian greens" that consisted of pickled carrots and something else mixed in with thinly cut cucumbers, bean sprouts, and various herbally leaves. 

Because all these dishes had a lot of veggies in them, it made them super light and somewhat healthy too. The flavors are a good mix of savory, sweet, and cooling/refreshing from all the vegetables. Each dish came out with their own sauce, but the basis of the sauce is either shrimp or fish.

I cannot rave about this restaurant enough! It is super affordable, great portions, tastes amazing, and I seriously cannot find one bad thing about it! If you guys get a chance, do go check them out and order some pork rolls for me!

Until next time,
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