Monday, August 19, 2013

Musical Monday #1

Hello fellow interweb friends!

Happy Monday to you all! Now, I know Mondays are not the most exciting thing in the world, but look at it as a new fresh new start to the week! A whole 7 days can be real stressful, so by starting your week out with some positive energy, it will make the week go by a little faster, so I though I'd start a new thread of posts lamely named Musical Monday on my blog. With these posts, I will share with you a song that makes me super happy, puts a pep in my step, and of course, brings me a giddy/dorky smile to my face, which can make everything feel little bit brighter.

For the first Musical Monday, I thought I'd share with you this song, You Bring Me the Sunshine by Jess Penner in her Growing in the Cold album. 

Just by the name of the song, you know it will already be nice and upbeat. Once you start listening to it, with the rhythm and melody and all that musical goodness in there, you can feel the happiness go through you and just makes you want to dance, maybe even bob back and forth! 

This song can make any Monday, or any day in general a little better and it's just a reminder that there is always someone or something out there, with the littlest thing that they do, can make you happy, which can go the other way to. You can make just as much of a difference in someone else's life by the little things that you do!

Hope you guys enjoy the song!

Until next time,

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