Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Foodie Tues-dee #4

Hello fellow interweb friends!

So for this Foodie Tues-dee, I thought I'd share a newfound delicious snack that is delicious, nutritious, and all-around wonderful! 

That's right guys! As boring as it may seem, this trail mix, or as they labeled it, energy mix, is so flippen amazing! We already know how healthy and filling nuts are for us, so there's not much else I need to say there. The thing that makes this taste so good is because it is a balance between salty/savory flavors and rich, sweet, chocolatey deliciousness! Since it's covered with dark chocolate, it makes it a little bit healthier. As for the serving size, a quarter of this box is only 190 calories, I'm not a calorie counter so I don't know if it's good or bad, but in comparison to things like the hundred calorie packs, I'd rather eat this 190 calories and be more satisfied with my snack! 

So where can you get your little paws on this little box of healthy heaven?!?! Well, I got mine at Food-4-Less, but I know Ralph's also carries the same things, same packing and all, so I am going to go on a whim and say that Food-4-Less and Ralph's are of the same company. 

With me being in school and classes all day, these are perfect for me because I can munch on it throughout the day and hardly make a dent in the box. This is a perfect snack for anyone really, especially when  you're in a rush and don't have time to pack a lunch or get some breakfast. If you want, they have all different kinds of mixes. I prefer the energy one just because I need as much energy as possible to stay awake and deal with my boring professors!

That's all for now!
Until next time, 
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