Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Gems!

Hello fellow interweb friends!

Summer is already here, which also means, tis the season to get sunburns! And well, frankly, no one likes to get a sunburn, so I've got this little gem to share with you!

Of course, these are sunscreen, but the main thing I want to point out to you is the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Creme with SPF 50! Now, usually, Elizabeth Arden products are super expensive, and frankly, I don't think I'd purchase that little yellow twist up thing for like $30 something, but I didn't, so that's why I find it to be such a gem! I actually got that tube at TJ Maxx for only $8! They also had the original Eight Hour Creme, but I don't know why I didn't buy it then because now that I want to get it, it is no where to be found! So I love this Eight Hour Creme twisty-tubey thing because it is not greasy or oily and, well it has SPF 50, so that's like ultra sun protection right there for eight hours! The smell is a little herbally, but hey, smells better than any other face sunscreen I've used!

Now, even though I say that the Elizabeth Arden suncreen isn't oily, I still like to go over my face with the Bare Minerals' powder sunscreen in SPF 30. I have the medium toned tube and all I have to say is I feel extra safe having both sunscreens one just because I am constantly out in the sun a lot and since I don't wear much make-up, I want to use as much protection as I can to keep my skin from getting damaged and discolored!

So ya, if you live by a TJ Maxx, take a little trip and see what delightful bargaining gems you can find to add into your beauty care collection!

That's all for now,
Until next time,
With love,
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