Friday, June 21, 2013

Vietnam Motherland: Day 2

Hello fellow interweb friends!

Like I mentioned in my previous post, after a long plane ride, I also had to take a train ride home, and that ride was about another 10 hours since the train was delayed. Anyways, instead of literally typing out everything that went on in the plane, I thought I'd share this little clip with you with a special announcement, hopefully, you'll be able to figure out what the announcement is!


So on a completely random note, when I watched this video back, I felt like I was in Harry Potter when they were on the train heading to Hogwarts! Like I said in the video, I have not been on a train since 1997, so I was pretty darn excited about it and cannot wait for the next train ride back into Saigon - the only sad thing about that is it means I will be heading home, which will also mean my vacation will come to an end. 

I apologize for the horrible quality! I have no idea on how to use iMovie or any kind of video editing programs, so my videos will be as raw as they're gonna get! Hopefully, I will figure out how to combine clips together to make a full-length video instead of posting up multiple 2 minute clips. I just think that will be less exciting than if you just get to experience everything all at once!

Anyways! So did anyone catch the special announcement?!?! Hahaha, well on top of my blogging, I thought I'd also VLOG my trip too cause sometimes, the videos do a better job at capturing everything and you'll be able to see a semi-live version of what I'm doing while I'm here! Of course, I will still blog about the things I can't capture on video. 

But anyways, thank you so much for putting up with my horrible quality videos! I will try my hardest to figure out how to record better ones, but for now, you will get to see everything in its rawest form!

That's all for now,
With love,
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