Monday, June 24, 2013

Vietnam Motherland: Day 4

Hello fellow interweb friends!

This first week is going by really fast, and I feel like the days will only go by faster and faster as this month goes on, which makes me feel a bit bittersweet just because that means my vacation is coming to an end, but I also get to go home to my friends and family back in the, such complicated feelings! Anyways, I am so flippen sore from all the swimming and tanning today! I did not know tanning takes up so much energy guys! But then again, it might just be the salt water dehydrating me...hahaha whoops.

Ok, so this is going to sound ridiculously stupid, but I think my mouth hurts from eating too much pineapple! So today, after lunch, my cousin cut up some pineapple for us to eat as dessert cause I asked her to just feed me with loads of fruits and good sweets. I may have accidentally ate a little too much and now I honestly cannot feel my mouth! I soaked it in water and milk and tea, anything that is liquidy and cold, I soaked my tongue in, but still it hurts! Anyways, now I've kind of learned my lesson when it comes to pineapple!
Ok, so before I end this blog, I thought I'd share with you this delicious Australian milk. I used to love this as a child, but when my family left for the US, I had to stop drinking this cause we don't have this in the States. Anyways, this is the only kind of whole milk that I will voluntarily drink. It is not too thick like our American whole milk; it's like a creamier version of the skim milk. I just love this so much, like I can drink cartons of this a day and each box is about one liter.

Gotta go check on yesterday's vlog now,
Until next time,
With love,
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