Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Vietnam Motherland: Day 5/6

Hello fellow interweb friends!

Hey guys! So if you've been watching my vlogs, you'll know I didn't do much on Day 5. It was a whole lot of family stuff and I wanted to be respectful and keep things slightly private, so I didn't vlog. But like any other day, I started out at the beach, then the family made a 7490581423 course meal, and I ate my little heart out! Hahaha, honestly, my aunt really knows how to feed people! And then at night, we took a little stroll on the beach, checked out the night time scenery, and that was it! I did a small clippit of it on my Instagram, so if you want, you can check out my Instagram...and possibly follow for more goody goody gumdrops!

O and another thing that happened, I have been struggling for almost 24 hours now trying to export/upload part 2 to day 4's vlog! It kept on telling me there was some kind of error and that the video is already open for writing...some techy terms that I have no idea what, so now, I'm trying to export it in Quicktime...which apparently, takes double the hopefully, that will fix it and let me upload to Youtube within the next 12 hours? Hahaha man, such a struggle being a vlogger! I definitely have so much more admiration and respect for all professional vloggers and Youtubers, especially if you guys edit and do all kinds of fancy things with your videos. So if you have any pointers for me about this, please help a girl out?!?! Hahaha, and since there's no pictures, I thought I'd link my previous video in this one so you guys can enjoy it!

These are my baby cousins! They are so funny and cute!
As for day 6, we started out at the beach! And then my cousin made beef soup that was almost as delicious as my mom's, totally forgot to take pictures of that to share with you cause I'm such a newbie at all this blogging/vlogging business hahaha! 

And, to end the day, we went to a village-themed restaurant for dinner! That will be in tomorrow's vlog (hopefully, if I don't experience any technical difficulties)...Anyways, another real excited (but sad and scary) thing happened. On our way home, my aunt got swiped by some guy on the road, so she and her bike fell over like a mini car accident and ya, my brother, on the bike next to her with my uncle made a huge jump to avoid the bike. Thank goodness he did, or else he would have been burnt by the exhaust pipe, which would have ruined the trip tremendously!

Well the vlog will hopefully be up in the morning...
So sorry guys,
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