Saturday, June 22, 2013

Vietnam Motherland: Day 3

Hello fellow interweb friends!

DAY 2 VIDEO WILL BE UP SOON GUYS! I'm just exporting it right now and will be uploading within today! I'm still new at posting videos and stuff, so some of my vlogs may be a day or so late, but no worries, I will definitely try to share as much of my adventure with you guys as possible! But here's a little tid bit for you to enjoy!

Hola from the 'Nam Land! Holy moly, this is the mothership of all delicious delicacies! This morning alone, I've had 2 coconuts, loads of fresh fruits, and as ridiculous as it sounds, some steamed bun and banh mi (which is like a Vietnamese sandwich, similar to the Lee's but better). I honestly think I am in food heaven because everyone is buying me food left and right and I'm being spoiled like no other just because my family hasn't seen me in about 4 years. I will have to show you the fruits that I've been scarfing down like there's no tomorrow soon! I am such a newbie at blogging haha I don't realize I need to take a picture to share with you guys until I've pretty much eaten all the foods! Thank goodness, I caught one of the delicious dishes on video today while my cousin was cooking it before it went down my tummy!

I am so in love with the fresh coconut juice here! Like my aunt brings back 10 coconuts a day and I down at least 2 after every meal, so pretty much, I drink up to like 5 of them a day. Like it tastes so refreshing and amazing and nothing like those nasty coconut water/juice thing we have at home in the cartons!

O and, another thing, the money here is crazy big! Hahaha, so the conversion rate between American money and Vietnamese money is for every American dollar, it is $20K in Viet money. So pretty much, I am a flippen bajillionaire here! Hahahaha, but in reality, that's barely anything since everything here costs in the thousands. But in general, I can live for about a week here with $10 USD, which is pretty neat! I definitely feel like a baller while I'm here hahaha, especially since my cousins won't let me pay for anything, so I just have these huge bills in my wallet for like ever!

Off to the beach I go now,
Adios muchachos!
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