Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Back-to-School Look #3: Fresh

Hello fellow interweb friends!

So unfortunately for us Californians, the heat has gone up like no other, which means even though we're going into fall, we're still living in summer weather that can go up to about 100 degrees. For me, that means no pants, no jeans, nothing too tight or might bog me down and make me feel uncomfortable. This look is perfect to stay comfy and airy so I'm not constantly sweating like a beast!

There is nothing better, more classic and comfy than a nice pair of jean shorts and a white tank top. This tank top has a mesh back and it's got somewhat of an acid-like wash on the front panel. The shorts have a nice little pocket detail, keeping things nice and colorful. Since it is a very neutral color, to add a little more pizzazz, I paired it with my big chunky pink and yellow chained necklace. And of course, I wanted to put my J.Crew gold chain bracelet with a little grey bow bangle just to balance out the outfit. Usually, if you have on a big chunky necklace, you can either pair it with some simple studs, or like I did here and add some small bracelets. And lastly, I must have my taupe suede loafer to this outfit! There's already so much color going on between the short's pockets and the necklace that to wear gold shoes or something colored will just be too much!

Hope you liked it!

Until next time,
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