Sunday, September 29, 2013

Uyen's Weekly Watches #1

Hello fellow interweb friends!

As we already know, this is a new "series" kind of thing on my blog where I talk to you about the shows I've been watching, hoping you've seen it too or also watch the various series! Pretty much, once a week, I will post up a review/reaction/response to various shows that I enjoy during the week for you guys to read, and hopefully, respond back. If we have similar taste in TV then this can be very much fun. Since this is the first post, I will mainly focus on the shows that were on today, Sunday, September 29, and those are: Downtown Abbey, Revenge, and Once Upon a Time. 

Downton Abbey: Season 4 - Episode 2
This is a British show and it takes place during King George V's reign at Downton Abbey, a country house in Yorkshire. The Abbey is owned by the Earl and Countess of Grantham, who are the head of household for the Crawley family. The show pretty much portrays the struggle that the aristocrats go through when the lines between the social hierarchies are being blurred. The three seasons was amazing and introduced us to all the main characters and their background story and relations with each other. A lot happened in the first three seasons, so if you can, definitely look them up and have a look! 
As for today's episode, it was the second episode of the forth season. The main events that happened are: Mary being granted 50% of ownership of Downton, Rose getting involved (kind of, sort of) with a servant from another family, and Thomas Barrow starting drama between a new lady's maid and Anna. Now, the thing that gets my blood boiling is Thomas Barrow not knowing his place and starting issues all over the Abbey. It is not the first time that he's done this, but yet he never learns! The bad part is that the new lady's maid actually believes his intentions are to help her, despite the fact that she's worked there before and knows he can be very conniving! And if I remember correctly, this new lady's maid is actually the same one that seduced Lord Grantham a few seasons back, causing her to leave the Abbey in the first place! Pretty much, Barrow and the new lady's maid is just a storm waiting to erupt because nothing good ever comes out of Barrow's actions. Other than that, nothing huge happens, but I'm excited to see how things go now that Lord Grantham has come to realize that Mary legally has 50% of the estate and he has to slowly get used to the idea of her, being his daughter and a female, run the Abbey, which was always a man's job. 

Revenge: Season 3 - Episode 1

If you have not seen this series, it is about a girl, Amanda Clarke, who now goes by Emily Thorne tries to seek revenge for her father's death. He was blamed for the falling of a plane that was actually caused by a group in the government called the Initiative and financed by Grayson Global. To get the whole backdrop of the story, you should just go watch the first two seasons.
Anyways, for today's episode, so many things happened and I have so many feelings and reactions to it all that I'm a typing maniac right now! Emily has decided on a date to marry Daniel, but the same day also means the end of the Grayson family's reign over the Hamptons. Throughout the episode, Emily has managed to get rid of Ashley and demolish any chances of Conrad staying in office. However, she was given an ultimatum by her childhood friend/lost-lover, Jack, who told her to get out of the Hamptons by the end of summer or else he will reveal her true ideantity. Today's episode was focused around fear, fear of the unknown, fear of the past, etc. And as fear goes, Emily has a lot to fear for, especially when Aiden has returned with the intentions of working with Victoria to "bring down the girl next door."

Once Upon A Time: Season 3 - Episode 1 
"filet the bitch" - says the Evil Queen to the captured mermaid

As for this series, if you have not seen it before, it is very interesting. The concept of the show is based on fairytale stories, all strewn together to make a very intriguing take on how the stories should progress. I can't tell you everything that's happened, so if you are interested, I'd definitely recommend you watch this, especially if you enjoy fairytale stories like I do.
As for today's episode, Emma and the crew are trying to save Neil and Henry. Unfortunately, Neil is in the Enchanted Forest and Henry is in Neverland where he's being chased down by Peter Pan. Unlike the Peter Pan we read about, in the series, Peter Pan goes after young boys and capture their shadows to keep them hostage forever. Since he never captured Neil's his target will be Henry, Neil's son. So far, Emma and the crew has battled mermaids and are currently weathering a storm brought onto them when they captured one of the mermaids who attacked the ship. Anyways, they were able to calm the store and got onto Neverland. Little did they know, Henry has already been captured by Peter Pan, as for how, you should watch because that part was good! The end of it was Henry being held hostage by Peter Pan and the Lost Boy, fearing for his life. Ah, so much emotions and excitement!

Can't wait for next week's episodes!

Until next time,

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