Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Back-to-School Look #4/5: Pretty, Glittery & Baubly Things

Hello fellow interweb friends!

Since it is mid-September now, I feel like the majority of you or all of you have already gone back to school, unless you are home-schooled, then you get the pleasure of working with your own schedule. As for us who are already back in school, I thought I'd share this next look, or two looks, with you. These two looks are very similar to one another, just with different color schemes, but they're both something I would wear pretty much everyday if I could!
Shirts & Shorts: J.Crew, Necklace: Baublebar, Bracelets: Forever 21, Shoes: Steve Madden
So pretty much, it is just a super simple outfits that looks more put together because I paired a regular t-shirt with a dressier pair of shorts. I added a little oomph with the big, chunky necklace, but then balanced out all the big details with a pair of either Oxfords or my Sperry. Not so coincidently, my shoes still add a little pizzazz to the outfits since they are nice and sparkly! 
Shirt: Abercombit&Fitch, Shorts: J.Crew, Necklace: Baublebar, Shoes: Sperry
I love these two outfits so much because they are nice and comfy, but you still look very put together in them just because of the shorts. The minute you switch out the shorts for a pair of jean shorts, the feel will be much different. If you've seen my YouTube videos, I admitted to having a little bit more of a grandma-feel to the way I dress, but hey, we're all getting old right, so I guess I'm already dressing the part now! 

If you are interested in getting some of these amazing necklaces as well to add a little spice to your life/closet's life, then check out Baublebar! They have some super pretty stuff that I think will complement a variety of style.

Until next time,
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