Monday, September 2, 2013

Musical Monday #3

Hello fellow interweb friends!

Well, it is Monday, which means we're getting a new song! This song isn't really new, but it is definitely upbeat and super fun, which is the perfect way to officially end summer and welcome the upcoming fall season. So I'm sure ya'll have been rocking out to this song all summer already, but since I couldn't get enough of it this entire past week, I thought I have to put it up for Musical Monday! 

And drumroll please...*cues in rocking out dance moves*

"Best Song Ever" - One Direction

Yes, I chose a 1D song guys! Haha, I thought this song is the perfect way to start the week, keep your spirits high, and just make everything feel light and happy! My philosophy is if you feel good, everything else will fall into place and turn out better or at least more positively, which is always better than feeling down and bleh.

Hope you enjoy the song and the rest of your week!

Until next time,
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